How good is the Ryobi Hot Glue Gun

If you are into arts and crafts, or you always have some home project going on, then perhaps you have considered buying yourself an electric glue gun. An electric glue gun can be an incredibly useful and convenient tool and it is definitely great to have it on hand, as you never know when you might need it. For that, we recommend the Ryobi Cordless Hot Glue Gun, an amazing product with great online reviews which definitely stands out amongst all other glue guns.

How good is the Ryobi Hot Glue Gun

One of the best assets of this product is the fact that it is cordless, running only on lithium battery power. Usually, most glue guns require plugging a cord in, reducing your mobility and making them less flexible and useful, especially since cords can be shorter than what you might really need. The Ryobi Gun can be used wherever, and the battery lasts for 3 and a half hours per charge, so you can confidently finish any projects you might have going on using this gun only.

The gun also comes with a plastic guard attached to the tip, which helps provide extra protection against accidental burns. The heavy stand allows you to place it down whenever you get tired, without worrying that it might topple down.

This gun also comes at the extremely low price of $30, without reducing its quality, so it is really the ideal option for anyone who wants to add a glue gun to their tool set.

Useful ways to utilize a glue gun

For those of you who are constantly looking for new house projects, there are several incredibly useful things you could do with your new Ryobi Hot Glue Gun.

If you are tired of having clothes constantly fall off slippery hangers but don’t want to buy new ones, then a glue gun can provide a quick solution. Simply add a few short streaks of glue along each arm of the hanger, and wait for them to dry. It will definitely make your life much easier, and it doesn’t take much effort.

You want to close a few boxes but ran out of duct tape? A glue gun can help you. Simply glue together any sides that you want to close, and it will be even more durable than using duct tape.

Another great use for a glue gun is making covers for all your sharp knives. A knife needs a cover for some extra protection against cutting yourself, as well as protecting the blade from any potential damage. For that, all you need to do is coat the knife blade in vaseline, then proceed to cover it all around in hot glue. After it dries, the vaseline will make the cover slide easy off the knife, while also making sure it fits perfectly.

You can use the same trick for other objects such as your razor blade or even toothbrush. For those, you should use some parchment paper rather than vaseline, but the effect will be just the same.

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